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Become a Corporate Sponsor 

Sponsorship of the Middleton Jaycees gives your business the opportunity to:

  1. Create an impact in the Middleton Community
  2. Increase visibility for your business through Co-sponsoring an event/project
  3. Increase networking oppoirtunities with other businesses through our sponsorship program
  4. create a cost effective way to offer your employees the opportunity to develop business, leadership and personal skills through active participation and trainings offered by the Middleton Jaycees.

Give your employees opportunities to:

  1. Gain priceless business skills such as:
    1. Managing a team of diverse individuals on projects, activities and events
    2. Broaden skills business plan writing, and creating financial and budgetary strategies.
    3. Enhance marketing, media strategies and presentation skills including speaking and writing.
  2. Achieve leadership qualities through opportunities such as:
    1. Serving as a committee member on a project
    2. Serving as a project/event/activity chairperson
    3. Holding an office either on the local, state, or national Board of Directors
  3. Grow as an individual through training offered in the areas of:
    1. Goal setting
    2. Time management and organization
    3. Communication dynamics and conflict resolution