Interested in learning more about the Middleton Jaycees?
Please contact Membership Vice President Eric Salzwedel.

Meet the Executive Board
President: Renee Krueger
Renee has been a tremendous asset and leader to the board. Leading the membership this year will be a natural fit!

Community VP: Michelle Okray
Michelle has been a long standing member of the Jaycees. Her experience and expertise makes her the perfect resource to help the group continue their impact on Middleton and surrounding areas.

Membership VP: Eric Salzwedel
Eric has served his community and other non-profits for several years. He is an excellent networker who "knows everyone". His talents
will be very useful for membership and recruitment.

Individual Development VP: Allissa Tway
Allissa has  spent several years in service the to community and the Jaycees. She is taking her skillset to the next level buy helping members focus on other areas of development.

Treasurer: Josh Taddy
Josh has a passion for making an impact on others and the community. He has already put his accounting knowledge to use by serving on Jaycees Committees. The group is fortunate to have him aboard.

 We are an all-volunteer run organization. If you wish to speak to someone directly,
please email your evening phone number to one of the individuals listed above and we will contact you.

Middleton Jaycees
P.O. Box 620154
Middleton, WI 53562