Interested in learning more about the Middleton Jaycees?
Please contact Membership Vice President Anamika Holke

Meet the Executive Board
President: TK Krueger
TK has such a warm, outgoing personality and leads the Jaycees with his passion for philanthropy!

Community VP: Aliissa Tway
Allissa has dedicated the last year of her life to serving others and is looking forward to contributing on the community level.

Management VP: Heather Wheiland
Heather has been a very involved member of the Jaycees for the past three years. The Jaycees are honored to have such an organized and dedicated board member.

Membership VP: Anamika Holke
Anamika strongly believes in community service, personal growth and development. She loves to network and get others involved in the community.

Individual Development VP: Renee Krueger
Renee has been a great asset to the Jaycees and is looking forward to bringing new ideas and activities to the other members.

Treasurer: Lacey Puls
Lacey is new to the Jaycees and is looking forward to bringing her expertise and knowledge to the board!

 We are an all-volunteer run organization. If you wish to speak to someone directly,
please email your evening phone number to one of the individuals listed above and we will contact you.

Middleton Jaycees
P.O. Box 620154
Middleton, WI 53562